The Role Of Flame Arrestors

By Claudine Hodges

Arrestors are tools or a device that stops fuel combustion by extinguishing the flames. These devices are utilized to stop the spread of an open fire, helps to limit the spread of an explosive component, protects explosive mixtures from the ignition, it is also used to confine fire in a controlled or regulated location and used to stop the propagation of a flame traveling at sub sonic velocities.

Most of the time they are installed and used in the safety storage cabinets, fuel storage vents, and other flammable components and mixtures. Usually, flame arrestors are considered as deflagration arrester. It is used to absorb the heat from a certain velocity. The heat will be absorbed through the channels or passages designed to a specific component.

Every channel is carefully selected and measured for certain installation processes. Most of the channels can be a regular one, just like the metal ribbons. Furthermore, deflagration arresters are used only in gas groups or conditions, after they have been tested. An arrester is usually made and designed for a particular condition.

The changes in the temperature, pressure and composition of gases that enters the arrester may also cause a spatial velocity of the fire to maximize and makes it more insufficient for the arrester to stop the propagation. Most of the tools are also inspected regularly to make sure that they are functioning well and free from dirt. Actually, unregulated equipment may also cause hazardous fire and damages to the devices.

Since an arrestor is a device used which allows gas to pass through it to stop explosion, there are certain situations where they are applied. Anyone involved in choosing a deflagration arrester should understand how these products work and limitations of their performance. Most of these devices are fitted on vent valves, open vent pipes or delivery pipe lines or in the piping system.

There are also some methods involve in the delivery of the explosive or flammable gases through the depth of the pipe where ignition is also measured ti ensure that the event of the materials are igniting. For this reasons, possible damages to the plant are also minimized. There are effective procedures used in installing the flame tools or arrestors at the channels or pipe lines where materials are vented to the whole atmosphere.

Actually, there are several importance of using this device. It is usually designed to protect the tank from propagation and explosion. The element may also dissipates the heat below the ignition point of the vapor. When the storage tanks contain some liquids having a flash point lower than the tank temperature, this device is recommended. When properly applied, they are also effective.

Most of these devices are designed without moving elements. They are able to prevent the flame propagation from the exposed sides to the protected sides. Usually, the gas groups may ignite to the whole system. Therefore, the more explosive gases required may penetrate the heat more efficiently.

The point here is that, most of the tools are dangerous to anyone who lack skills and knowledge. Hence, it is necessary for anyone working in the industry to gain expertise in using them. This way, you can also assure your safety.

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