Facts About Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

By Claudine Hodges

An electrical arc usually occurs when current connects to a small gap and ionizes the gas, which is usually the air that surrounds the current carrying the objects. This kind of action generates heat, intense light, physical force and plasma which can be dangerous to every individual and could damage equipment. For this reason, experts have formulated new tools to analyze the reasons and how to give solutions for these problems.

Most of these tools are powerful to identify the reasons of the problems and to give solutions on how to fix them. Arc flash hazard analysis is a vital method used and allows the owners to protect their systems as well as their employees. The scope of the explosive tools and equipment failures or the rate of injuries in the whole electrical industry has been on the line and studied for the past few years.

This is the primary reasons for experts to conduct and perform further investigations in the arc flash and for the researchers to decide whether to adopt the guidelines or not. Most of the hazard studies also require a certain knowledge in both power system and system protection of facilities. Most of the studies are also considered as a continuous process in the coordination or short circuit aspect of the system, since the results also require an assessment of the hazards.

Most of the efforts are also required to perform a certain assessment and reduce the integration of the flash software, device coordination and short circuit. Most of the hazard analysis methods are also used in identifying any possibility of electrical danger to any distribution system. It is vital for every worker to have a clear understanding about the scope of the study.

Having a clear understanding of the scope of the hazards is also a major factor in producing more safety plans in protecting most employees from serious injuries or death that are results from explosions. These explosions occur once the fault develops or produces heat, sound and pressure in the directions of the equipment.

There are reasons to perform the analysis. It is vital to meet the important requirements to protect the employees who work on and around the equipment. It can also help to reduce insurance liability, fulfills a periodic evaluation required by the law. It also assists in reducing and identifying any problems and safety concerns

Aside from that, there are also benefits associated with conducting the analysis. It can lessen the staff and customer liability, since all technicians are required to wear protective gear during the data gathering. There are also durable labels included to the data of the arc flash studies. There are included update and one line diagram of the facilities. Dangerous tools are clearly identified that cannot be operated with a proposed mitigation method.

There are also licensed professional engineers who are able to review the studies and to give their final calculations. They will be the one to supervise the study and review information and calculations or results.

All gathered data will be documented and analyzed properly using the latest technology. The data are usually gathered by trained technicians who can determine or handle the hazardous equipment and tools in the entire process.

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