Types Of Railing Systems Vancouver Island, British Columbia

By Stacey Burt

A fenced compound looks good and has a great authentic look. After all, people spend most of their lifetime in these spaces. Railings protect you from falling in heights and a classic twist to the lawns and staircases such that they look appealing for one to spend their time there. Look for the best that market has to offer. Below are common materials available in railing systems Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Start by deciding what kind of railing you would want for your home, stairs and outsides spaces. Glass, vinyl, wood, steel and aluminum are the most common railing materials. Aluminum is strong, light and does not rust. It can thus be gorged into various shapes and designs. Furthermore, it can be installed even in great height on the house without adding significant weight to the building.

When used on the stair cases, it is hardy and strong and can handle repeated use and abuse. You can paint it with the color of your choice or just use it as it is. Aluminum is also easy to clean. For outdoor use, please ensure that it is properly pre-treated to handle extreme weather without flaking or peeling off.

There are two ways of mounting your railings more so to the metallic ones. The most commonly used is that of mounting on fascia board, normally called fascia mount. The rails are attached to the fascia board on the side and fastened by bolts. When one fees that this attachment is weak, he or she may DO some wood framing to strengthen the rail.

The second mount is called the top mount. The metal rails are installed on the deck. This is a common installation where it may not be possible to mount on fascia board or the area is not weather proof. Thus, weather can eat into the fascia board making it weak. This method ensures that the railing stays strong over years.

Wood railing has become common in the recent past. It gives an authentic look and aesthetic feeling. Wood is also durable and easily maintained if well pre-treated. Treatment prevents insects from damaging the wood and rot due to rainy weather and drenching. Hardwood materials such as cedar and oak are common wood types to use. The wood should be polished at least every year to maintain the luster.

Whichever the type of railing you use, do a check of the fastening each and every year. Most of these materials come with at least a years warranty depending on the material that you desire to use. You can sit back and relax knowing that for a fact you are well protected.

Always ensure that the railing is well fastened and do a check every year. Most suppliers would give a year or two warranty period depending on material used. Sit back and relax and enjoy sunshine and landscape outdoors knowing that you are well protected.

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