Powerful Tips On Building A Successful Facebook Marketing Business

By Adam Khan

With Facebook hitting over a billion active monthly users, there is no doubt that this is the ultimate platform for not only communicating with family and friends, but also for promoting and marketing your business. Of recent, Facebook has become a good place for business owners and if you have decided it's time build a business page too, you'll want to do it right. Spending a significant amount of time and effort on this is worth because if done right, it can drive huge traffic to your blog or website.

So, how do you make a Facebook business page work for you? Plenty of time and effort goes into making the business page work. However, it is up to you to create a great layout that is simple to use yet effective. If that sounds hard to do, here are some tips that will help you along the way.

On the web site, you'll post interesting content in your chosen niche. This can be both original content as well as short blog posts that link to the original articles (known as curating content). You want to make your site the go to place for news in the niche. Set up a Facebook Ads "Like" campaign designed to get likes, aka, fans to your fan page. Target those with similar interests to the topic of your fan page.

Give People Something Good - Tell them what they do not know. No one will follow something that is very basic or boring. Instead, they want to learn something new, so you should take advantage of this even though it's not related to your product. Educate the fans, shock them and even motivate them. This will get them sharing your posts and in return get more followers.

Remember the domination of MySpace? Yeah, I didn't think so! Or how Google changed their Adwords policy and instantly put a lot of seven figure affiliate marketers out of business. Create a tab on your fan page where people can give you their email address in exchange for something for free, whether it's a special report, video, podcast, or whatever works in your market.

Most importantly, do not copy what other pages are doing. Use your page the way you would like and make it your own. The more unique, interesting and creative it is, the more chances you have of gaining more followers and eventually driving traffic to your site.

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