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By Lucia Weeks

Synonyms vary depending on the cultural roots of their public or their geographical location bar, bistro boozer, tavern, beverage room, etc. The Cafes occupies in many cultures an essential function as a place of gathering collective or individual relaxation. We went there for a light meal, live meeting, play games, attend public lectures, read or write (cafe booths for sale).

In a biography of Anthony Collins6, we read that he frequented Cafes where he could talk to deists and atheists, which gave him great pleasure. In his work, Rameau's Nephew, Denis Diderot recalls his distancing events and evokes the shelter given by the Cafes de la Regence where he could play chess and watch and talk with everyone, including with eccentric. Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Confessions, also speaks of his visits to shop at all hours of day.

In Persia, where the coffee shop used was very old, Cafes were called in sixteenth century. They were places of socialization where people could gather to drink shop, listen to music, read, play or listen to reading of Shahnameh, in modern Iran, Cafes are always frequented by men, even if they often swapped board games and music for television.

Soon after, coffee shops arrived. The passion for mocha won Venice in 1615 and opened the first shop in Vienna than in 1640. In Austria, the history of shop begins with the Battle of Vienna when the defeated Ottomans, it then grabs bean bags. In London, where an Armenian young Pasqua Rosee, opened the first shop, the public appreciates the taste of this new beverage and, subsequently, their number increased to more than 2000 in London during the eighteenth century.

Other Cafes were founded, but all these shops kept their oriental character; they were dirty and obscure reduced where there was smoking, where we took the wrong beer and adulterated shop and good company does not attend when Sicilian sco Procopio's name, which in 1672 had served as a fellow at the Armenian Paxal opened, in 1686, a Cafes serving drinks, sorbets, cakes and displaying the day's news.

Among one of first European Cafes established based on the Turkish was in 1624, in Venice, known as La Bottega del Caffe. Later the concept was widely spread across Europe and in 1652 was installed in Paris later the first of famous Parisian Cafes under the name Cafes Procope, frequented by men such as Voltaire, Diderot, Rousseau and Benjamin Franklin among others.

A Levantine was established in 1643 in one of small shops in passage leading from the Saint-Jacques Street in Petit-Pont and it rattled shop as the cahove or cahouet; but this attempt was unsuccessful. It was only in 1669 that the use of shop spread to Paris, thanks to contribution of bean by Jean de Thevenot in 1657 and by the intendant of gardens of harem of Sultan Soliman Aga Mustapha Raca Mehmed IV had Louis XIV sent as ambassador extraordinary and offered its visitors shop in porcelain cups manufactured in Japan.

Catalyst Enlightenment, very important period in formation of world that has developed a new philosophy emphasis on rationality and logic in order to dispel the tradition, superstition and tyranny that prevailed then the shop has changed the world.

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