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By Samital Leah Zerna

While splashy commercial holiday sales grab center attention during the winter shopping season, other celebrations of life and achievement occur all year long. Discovering the right gift at the best price no longer requires circling a parking lot. A Canton online gift shop provides service, wide selection and convenience without braving the elements.

Announcing the end of the brick-and-mortar retail outlet is premature, but it is hard to ignore the growing Internet shopping trend. Potential buyers appreciate having instant access to information regarding selection, pricing, and availability, and increasingly take advantage of unadvertised sales not available in local shopping centers.

Rather than searching through paper catalogs for the perfect item, buyers save time and frustration by taking advantage of the wide number of products that may be revisited at any time of day. New smart-phone applications make many side-by-side comparisons simple. While low prices are always important, they are not the only reason to go on line.

Sites featuring gift-giving often present unusual or unique products. While window shopping is a good way to pass the time, an impulse purchase can be costly and even disappointing later on. Shoppers may also take advantage of the growing popularity of personalized certificates for merchandise that can be redeemed at any future time.

Cyber-purchases via credit card are one of the most convenient and secure processes on the Internet. Web merchants also know that customers demand fast and reliable shipping, and many items are delivered within a few days, either to the buyer or the intended recipient. This means no more missed birthdays or rushed last-minute selections.

Blogs and reviews contributed by previous customers are helpful for newcomers. User-friendly web interfaces and other special features are the hallmark of cyber shopping and a good way to locate special or unusual items, make timely comparisons, or to simply discover new ideas for giving that are both meaningful and personal.

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